DARPA's Super Sniper Scope Is the World's Deadliest Range-Finder

Snipers are among the most valuable assets a military can deploy in battle and have become a pillar of modern US counterinsurgency tactics. While mile-and-a-half-long shots are possible, they're not all that common. But with DARPA's new One Shot XG scope system, any ol' Killroy will be able to accurately fire an M24 … » 1/18/13 11:40am 1/18/13 11:40am

National Geographic's iGEN NV20/20 Scope Takes Night Time Pictures

The Gadget: National Geographic is launching a night vision scope that has the ability to take still pictures. The NV20/20 will have a user variable frame rate, three infrared intelligence modes and it will be able to amplify ambient light by a factor of 650. The scope will ship in April and retail at $520.
The Catch: » 1/09/08 4:30pm 1/09/08 4:30pm