WD Joins 7200rpm Club with 320GB 2.5-Inch Scorpio Black Drives

Today Western Digital announced its Scorpio Black 2.5" drive line, which reach 7200rpm, though at 5400rpm power demands. Like certain Fujitsu and Hitachi drives announced earlier this year, the speedy drives will ship in capacities from 80GB up to 320GB. The top model, with built-in free-fall sensor for drive… »6/02/08 8:21am6/02/08 8:21am

The Secret of the Time Machine-Assisted Hard Drive Swap

Click to viewThere's never been a better time to void the warranty on your MacBook Pro and upgrade to one of those sweet 2.5" WD Scorpio 320GB drives. That was what made me throw caution to the wind and attempt a Time Machine-assisted swap. The good news is, it works as billed. You get a bit-for-bit transfer to the… »12/13/07 12:00am12/13/07 12:00am

Western Digital Ships 320GB 2.5-Inch Drives for Laptops

It's official: you can now buy a 320GB drive from WD for your laptop, and for just $200. The WD Scorpio SATA drive spins at 5400rpm and has a 8MB cache. The press release says it's "extraordinarily quiet while running at cool operating temperatures." I hope that doesn't mean it's extremely loud while running at super… »10/31/07 9:41am10/31/07 9:41am