Watch an Innocent Guy Get Shot with a Rubber Bullet By the Oakland Police for No Reason

Scott Campbell was peacefully filming Occupy Oakland when he was shot with a projectile by the police. For no freaking reason. Seriously, unless cameras are the new guns, he did nothing wrong! It's disturbing to see the police, people who are supposed to serve and protect, attack an innocent man like this. »11/07/11 1:45pm11/07/11 1:45pm


Tattoos for Your Laptop: Safer Than Letting Your Mac Drink Jack and Ride a Hog

A Williamsburg tattooist, Scott Campbell, has come up with half a dozen designs that you can have lasered onto your laptop for $200. If you up the price by $100 he'll etch your own design onto your machine, just like he did above, for Brooklyn-based artist Kaws. If these take off, perhaps Apple will change their ad… »3/20/07 10:59am3/20/07 10:59am