Ex-Apple Exec Scott Forstall Finds New Career as City College Model

You thought you'd heard the last of Scott Forstall when he was ousted from his Cupertino corner office a little more than a year ago over the Apple Maps fiasco. But friend of Gizmodo Don Lehman just spotted Mr. Forstall's rebirth, as unsuspecting model for a student charge card at City College in New York. »1/15/14 1:47pm1/15/14 1:47pm


Scott Forstall’s Most Heinous Crimes Against Humanity

Scott “Wild West” Forstall is dunzo at Apple-and for good reason. Everyone except Steve Jobs hated him, and his design ideas were appalling. However, as an Apple alum he’ll still spend the rest of his life unimaginably rich. There will never be justice for what he did to us. Below, the worst of his terrible software… »11/01/12 12:41pm11/01/12 12:41pm