James Doohan's Son Speaks Up Poignantly About Failed SpaceX Rocket Flight

As you know by now, SpaceX's most recent rocket launch attempt failed »8/05/08 6:15am8/05/08 6:15am early in its flight, destroying the vehicle and sending its satellite payload and the ashes of James Doohan—Star Trek's original Scotty— into the ocean. It's just what happens sometimes with space technology: there's so much complexity, so much…

Update: Exploding Falcon 1 Rocket Scattered Scotty's Ashes All Over the Pacific!

Holy shit, the Space X guys just scattered Scotty's ashes all over the Pacific Ocean. As in, "beam me up, Scotty" actor James Doohan. From Star Trek the Original Series! Turns out Scotty-er, Doohan-was one of the 208 people whose ashes were placed on board the Falcon 1 rocket by Celestis, Inc., a company that arranges… »8/03/08 4:15pm8/03/08 4:15pm