The Mach 6 Scramjet Could Fly from JFK to SFO in an Hour (if it Doesn't Tear Apart on the Way)

We could have had Bin Laden in 1998. However, in the 80 minutes it took for a volley of cruise missiles travel from US ships in the Arabian Gulf over to his training camp in Afghanistan, he had done packed up and left. If those warheads had been riding on the new X-51 hypersonic jet engine, they'd have made his day… »8/21/12 11:30am8/21/12 11:30am


X-51A's Hypersonic Engine Firing Test Looks Like Pits of Hell or Doom 3 Scenario

Click to viewBoeing has just completed their firing tests for the stunning X-51A WaveRider Scramjet, and if you want to know what hell looks like, this is it. Or at least, this is how the devil's version of George Foreman's BBQ must look like. This is the first time the scramjet engine has been tested in a full flight… »6/07/07 9:00am6/07/07 9:00am