I want to be as happy as this dog getting his head massaged

What are you doing to me? Let me sniff it. What is this giant metal spider? Let me sniff it again. Is that a squirrel over there? Wait... I trust you because I love you but I'm not sure what this... ohhh myyy goddd that feels so good. Keep it there. Keep it going. Everything is wonderful. Life is beautiful. I love you. … » 2/28/14 12:27am 2/28/14 12:27am

The Best Way to See If the iPhone 5 Scratches Is to Scratch the Hell…

I'm totally not suggesting that you do this yourself but if you're so very worried about scratching the iPhone 5 and/or a close follower of scuffgate, or whatever they call it these days, know this: stuff scratches. Especially stuff made from aluminum. The iPhone 5 is no different. » 9/25/12 9:00pm 9/25/12 9:00pm