Art Lebedev's "Plastinkus" Lets You Jam With Wallet-Sized Scratch Sessions

There are a number of products out there that allow aspiring DJs to engage in mobile scratch sessions (like the recently released Mixmeister application for the iPhone), but Art Lebedev's new Plastinkus scratch pad claims to deliver a sound that is close to the real thing on a disk that you can fit comfortably in your… » 7/29/08 6:40pm 7/29/08 6:40pm

Microsoft Offering Disc Replacements For Scratched Halo 3 Limited Edition

If your Halo 3 Limited Edition discs are scratched—like ours were—you can get a replacement disc by filling out a form and sending your disc back to Microsoft. Of course, this will take up to two weeks for delivery—not counting the time it takes for your disc to get to Microsoft—which may be too long to go without… » 9/25/07 3:42pm 9/25/07 3:42pm