Z Portal Strip Searches Cars at the Border, Is No Tunnel of Love

You know the recently deployed airport scanners that see through your clothes and show your bits 'n' pieces to some dude supposedly in a locked closet? Called backscatter, the tech been re-jiggered into a portal that cars crossing the border will have to drive through, allowing border agents to search your car… »10/18/08 12:45pm10/18/08 12:45pm

Homeland Security's 'Hostile Thoughts' Detection System Dubbed FAST, Not Pre-Crime

The Department of Homeland Security's been researching a sensor system that tries to predict "hostile thoughts" in people remotely for a while, but it's just spoken up about developments and renamed the system "Future Attribute Screening Technologies," FAST, which sounds really non-intimidating. It was called "Project… »9/24/08 10:45am9/24/08 10:45am