Iomega Screenplay Mediaplayer HDD Does HD Upscaling

Iomega's new Screenplay HD Multimedia drive promises that you can "leave the PC behind" since it stores your movies, pics and tunes and connects directly to your HDTV. You simply save them via the USB2.0 connection, and it's standalone from there on. It can upscale to to 720p and 1080i, plays a wide bunch of formats… » 4/23/08 11:25am 4/23/08 11:25am

Symbian OS's ScreenPlay and FreeWay Enhances UI and Speeds Downloads

In addition to the touchscreen UI we saw in Symbian last week, two new features—ScreenPlay and FreeWay—are coming to add even more sophistication to the platform. ScreenPlay is their new graphics engine that allows transparency and animations without taking up too much more battery life. FreeWay is less visible, but… » 10/23/07 3:33pm 10/23/07 3:33pm