Get Apple TV's New Screensavers On Any Windows PC or Mac

If you’ve grabbed one of those shiny fourth-generation Apple TVs then no doubt you’ll be enjoying the looping video wallpapers that come with them—professionally shot clips of famous vistas that change with the time of day. For those without an Apple TV but with a desktop or laptop, there is a way to get the same… »11/13/15 11:15am11/13/15 11:15am


Hexadecimal Color Clock Represents Time As A Color Value

If you've ever dabbled in HTML, you'd know about hexadecimal color codes—those base-16 numbers that mix red, green and blue to create a precise hue. This mesmerizing Colour Clock takes the current time, converts it into a hexadecimal value, and uses the ever-changing shade as its background color. A screensaver for… »2/22/11 7:17pm2/22/11 7:17pm

Multi-Computer F1 Racing Screensaver Wins Office Coolness Pole Position

Intel Brazil has created what's probably the best office screensaver in the history of office screensavers: a Formula 1 racing course that spans across multiple computers and monitors to offer one seamless view competition all across the office. Once you start them up, the Formula 1 car will go from one computer to… »10/17/08 12:00pm10/17/08 12:00pm

dnp's Supernova Projector Screen Pumps Up Contrast Ratio and Brightness

It's hard to get excited about projector screens, but dnp's new Supernova Infinity is making us weak in the knees. It's the first front-projection screen that keeps a sharp image at all times, regardless of how much light is in your room. dnp claims the screen delivers a contrast ratio 10x better than what's out now.… »6/13/07 9:46am6/13/07 9:46am

Flying Toasters Spotted, Bounce Back from Extinction

Everybody thought they were extinct, but no. The once-revered Disjejunaridae Volaticus, known to the rest of us as Flying Toasters, have been spotted in the wild. Feared to be forever lost to dusty backup disks trapped next to that nasty little pamphlet in your daddy's bottom drawer, the classic screensaver has been… »10/20/06 9:56am10/20/06 9:56am