You Won't Fix My Hard Drive Because I WROTE on the Label?

Almost no one reads the lengthy terms and conditions that come with nearly every piece of technology. But here's a reason you may want to start: Toshiba is charging a customer over $400 to fix his friend's hard drive because he wrote "X Faulty" on the label. » 4/25/11 5:40pm 4/25/11 5:40pm

Verizon Will Refund $90 Million to Overcharged Data Users

Verizon Wireless, writing to us this evening, has officially confirmed it will credit 15 million customers with $90 million in compensation for "mistaken past data charges." » 10/03/10 7:10pm 10/03/10 7:10pm

Best Buy and Safety Regulatory Commission Screw Customers on Flammable…

A voluntary recall of one of Best-Buy-house-brand Insignia's HDTVs has been issued, after an irreparable design flaw causing burns and fire was discovered. But customers are getting burned in more ways than one. Update: » 4/04/09 3:45pm 4/04/09 3:45pm

Blu-ray Prices Higher Than Ever: Man, This is Going to Piss You Off

I suppose that it is not all that surprising to find out that without competition from the HD DVDs camp, prices for Blu-ray players have gone up. According to data collected by, Blu-ray players have hit a high average of $400 per unit for the year—about the same price they were at this time last year.… » 3/12/08 8:48pm 3/12/08 8:48pm