Mind-Melting Animations Made From 3D-Printed Fibonacci Sculptures 

Inspired by the naturally-occurring mathematical Fibonacci sequences found in pine cones and sunflowers, Stanford University's John Edmark designed and 3D-printed these sculptures that appear come to life—with bizarre undulating animations—when filmed spinning using a strobe light or video camera with a high-speed… » 1/14/15 2:10pm 1/14/15 2:10pm

The delicate yet disturbing work of a neuroscientist turned artist

The work of South Korean artist Timothy H Lee is utterly influenced by his years as a neuroscience student. These beautiful sculptures and paintings are his way of digging inside his own complex and sometimes disturbed personality. » 11/03/14 11:38pm 11/03/14 11:38pm

I want to eat all these neat Crayola sculptures of famous characters

These are the tiny sculptures of Hoang Tran, an artist who likes to make popular characters out of crayons. From Calvin and Hobbes to Star Wars, he has them all. They are so cool and lickable that I want to eat all these Crayolas more than ever. » 9/18/14 9:02pm 9/18/14 9:02pm

Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud of these cardboard flying machines

These flying machines created by Daniel Agdag make me think of those designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century. The difference is that Leonardo based his designs in precise calculations while Daniel builds his spectacular cardboard sculptures guided only by his intuition, with no previous sketching. » 8/11/14 11:19pm 8/11/14 11:19pm

An Artist Who Uses 3D Scanning To Upgrade Renaissance Sculptures

They say that good artists copy and great artists steal—but artist Barry X. Ball sort of does both with his semi-unique sculptures that start where classic renaissance-era sculptors left off. The original pieces are recreated as digital models using a detailed scanning process, and then enhanced or augmented in 3D… » 5/15/14 5:20pm 5/15/14 5:20pm

You can stretch out these fake marble sculptures like a slinky

Yes, like a slinky. These marble-looking sculptures that look like they're from Ancient Greece are actually completely malleable, deformable, slinky-like art pieces. You see, the sculptures are made from thousands of sheets of paper to appear solid when still. When you tug at the sculpture though, you can stretch it… » 2/06/14 12:01am 2/06/14 12:01am

The best kind of technology is the kind you get to eat

How often have you stared at a piece of technology and felt like you absolutely needed it? That's just consumerism at work, my friends! How often have you stared at food and wanted to eat it? That's human nature! So when you combine the basic instinct of wanting to eat with our developed desires for tech gadgets,… » 11/05/13 10:50pm 11/05/13 10:50pm

These wire sculptures actually look like people frozen in carbonite

It's sort of unbelievable but these sculptures are all made from aluminum wire. When you look at the artwork up close, you can see each line of wire coming together to form the body of a human but when you're looking from far away it totally looks like people frozen in carbonite. » 11/04/13 10:42pm 11/04/13 10:42pm

This NYC Gas Station Is Home to a Temporary Sheep Pasture

When most Manhattan real estate developers buy up land to build a new tower, they unceremoniously raze any existing structures. But Michael Shvo, a developer and art collector who recently bought a lot near the High Line with the intention of building a new residential tower, decided to have a little fun first. » 9/17/13 7:20pm 9/17/13 7:20pm

Portland's New Streetlights Are Psychedelic, Carnivorous Plants

If you've seen one streetlight, you've pretty much seen them all. They're important, sure, but they're usually not much to look at. The lamps that popped up across Portland are a little bit different. A little more like giant, carnivorous plants. » 6/29/13 7:01pm 6/29/13 7:01pm

18 Sculptures So Lifelike You'll Swear They're Real

We've seen scads of hyperrealistic paintings that trick our minds—but what about brain-befuddling sculptures? Meet Australian hyperrealist sculptor, Ronald "Ron" Mueck, who uses silicone and mixed media to create shockingly lifelike figures. » 6/05/13 9:00am 6/05/13 9:00am

Art Meets Science At This Giant Seething Flask Sculpture

What looks like a mad scientist's oversized scheme to conquer the city of Winnipeg is actually a half million dollar sculpture created by artist Bill Pechet. Standing 35 feet tall, the Emptyful artpiece towers over the city's Millennium Library Plaza looking like a constantly brewing science experiment thanks to a… » 10/09/12 5:00pm 10/09/12 5:00pm

Watch a Girl Transform Old Bicycle Parts into Terminator Chandeliers

In this video by Etsy, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga shows how and why she transforms old junkyard bicycle parts into chandelier sculptures that look more like something from our apocalyptic future. Who knew bicycle chains and wheels could add up to be Terminator? » 9/24/12 8:00pm 9/24/12 8:00pm

Artist Makes Creepy Self-Portraits Using His Own Frozen Blood

Many years ago British artist Marc Quinn started an art project where he created cast self-portraits using his own frozen blood. On one hand, it's incredibly creepy and unsettling. But on the other, how many artists' can turn to their creations during a medical emergency? » 5/26/12 12:00pm 5/26/12 12:00pm

Whittling Is Definitely an Artform in Maskull Lasserre's Case

Canadian Maskull Lasserre's woodwork is miles from the kind of whittling woodwork that takes place down in Alabama in a rickety old rocking chair. For one, each piece is incredibly intricate, and extremely macabre, with skulls popping out of furniture and axe handles carved into skeletons. » 7/27/11 12:00pm 7/27/11 12:00pm

A Simple Picture Depicting a Small Miniaturized Child Being Attacked by…

The poor little sap. He got miniaturized and the first thing he went and did with his new ability was interact with a deadly virus. Wait, what? This is just ADA and it's an interactive charcoal drawing art piece? Hrm. » 7/24/11 7:00pm 7/24/11 7:00pm

Play a Game of Billiards On This Incredible Kinetic Sculpture

Made from colorful junk, Andrew Smith's sculptures all perform amazing kinetic feats. I like how this one in particular resembles a donkey, or some other four-legged creature which has billiard balls running up and down its length. [AndrewSmith via DesignBoom] » 11/30/10 4:00pm 11/30/10 4:00pm

Miniature Kinetic Sculptures Are the Coolest Snail Mail You Could…

Stamps and envelopes and mailboxes—I DON'T DO THAT. But these MechaniCards—a set of five intricate and mesmerizing handcrafted mechanical sculptures you can send in the mail—are awesome enough to get me back standing in line for postage. » 10/14/10 4:40pm 10/14/10 4:40pm

All Along the Biketower

The Tower of Babel. The Great Pyramids. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. That pantheon of epic structures wasn't compete until Cyclisk: a 65-foot tall, 10,000-pound obelisk comprising about 340 bicycles, a tricycle, and a healthy disregard for proportion. » 9/08/10 12:40pm 9/08/10 12:40pm

German Students Create Ode to Beer Out of 2,000 Beer Boxes

This is doubtless the most productivity ever shown by a group of students standing within 5m of a beer carton. I guess Germans are known for their efficiency, though. » 8/17/10 6:00am 8/17/10 6:00am