The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Is Now Live

On the heels of tonight's Galaxy Nexus announcement, Google has released the Android 4.0 SDK. The platform promises a bevy of new features for users and developers alike including extended sharing and social integration and unified calendars. You can download a copy of the SDK here. [Android Developers] » 10/19/11 12:47am 10/19/11 12:47am

Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Is Out

The official Kinect for Windows SDK beta is now available for download. It's for non-commercial use only, aimed at researchers, academics and hobbyist developers, but the download is free, and available in both 32- and 64-bit formats.
» 6/16/11 1:17pm 6/16/11 1:17pm

Kinect Makes For Easy Motion Capture For Animated Series

Xbox Kinect homebrew hacks have been neat so far, but using it as an incredibly cheap way to motion capture for an animated series? That is incredibly amazing to me. If someone eventually, using the Kinect SDK, makes a program so users can easily do this without having any 3D modeling experience, I would totally make… » 3/09/11 11:54am 3/09/11 11:54am

Steve Jobs Responds To Developer Agreement Concerns

Steve Jobs, personal email replier he is these days, responded to a message from a developer regarding this week's SDK kerfuffle. His (characteristically brief) take: "intermediate layers between the platform and the developer ultimately produces sub-standard apps." » 4/10/10 9:06pm 4/10/10 9:06pm