You Can Now Slap a Quarter Terabyte of Storage In Your Camera

It took a few months longer than its 256 GB compact flash card, but Lexar has finally announced a matching 256 GB SDXC card that makes it oh-so-easy to lose or misplace a quarter terabyte of photographs. To put that in perspective, if you were shooting full resolution, full quality JPGs with the Sony RX100, you'd be… » 9/21/12 2:30pm 9/21/12 2:30pm

Now Available

A Micro Four Thirds camera with some surprising extras, the cutting edge of SDXC cards, a portable thumb drive unrivaled in capacity, and a shameless and lazy MacBook ripoff. Come see what's Now Available. » 2/26/10 5:00pm 2/26/10 5:00pm

HP, Dell, and Lenovo Adding SDXC Card Readers to New Laptops?

The new SDXC standard (which theoretically tops out at 2TB) replaces SDHC in 2010, and according to DailyTech, some of the bigger laptop makers may add SDXC support to their upcoming laptops with 32nm Core i5/i7 processors. » 12/01/09 6:27am 12/01/09 6:27am

Toshiba 64GB SDXC Card Is Will Be the World's Largest, Fastest

On one hand, it's great to see the SDXC standard—which theoretically tops out at 2TB—flexing its muscles a little bit. On the other, I kinda wish Toshiba wouldn't announce a record-breaking SD card six months before release. » 8/04/09 8:39am 8/04/09 8:39am

New MacBook Pros Can Boot From Their Internal SD Slot

Aside from photo transfers and straight up storage expansion, the SD card slot in the new MacBook Pros has a single, extremely cool trick up its sleeve (slot?): it's bootable. » 6/10/09 1:00pm 6/10/09 1:00pm