Sony Ericsson Patent Details Detachable Cellphone Display

A recently uncovered Sony Ericsson patent details a cellphone with a detachable screen. The utility of such a function is not openly discussed in the document, but we cannot help thinking it would have little benefit over other equivalent designs. The image depicts a clamshell phone, which means if this were a… » 2/01/08 5:00am 2/01/08 5:00am

Possible Sony Ericsson K-Series Shell Photographed in China

A Chinese site posted some shots of the shell of a supposed Sony Ericsson K-Series Cybershot cellphone. The interesting part is that this phone, or a phone that looks like this, hasn't been announced, so we're left speculating at what its 3x optical zoom and its squarish keypad will be called when it is announced. If… » 8/20/07 4:20pm 8/20/07 4:20pm