How To Fix a Mysteriously Ruptured Undersea Cable

Not a week after two massive undersea telecom cables were snapped—according to BBC News, most likely due not to Godzilla but a single tanker "dragging its anchor along the sea bed"—and the repairs are well underway. But how in the hell do you repair a nine-layer steel-reinforced cable located deep beneath the surface… »2/06/08 10:10am2/06/08 10:10am

Undersea Telecom Cables Mysteriously Cut, Digitally Stranding India and Middle East

One of today's biggest stories is the fact that India and the Middle East had about 75% of their digital connection to Europe cut off when two cables on the floor of the Mediterranean snapped under mysterious circumstances. Cables get damaged all the time, but never have two gone out simultaneously. It will take days,… »1/31/08 10:57am1/31/08 10:57am