Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

Whether you're a student in college (or earlier) or a lifelong learner, Google is an essential tool for learning. Here are a few tips for using Google search and other apps more effectively to further your education. » 1/24/14 11:57am 1/24/14 11:57am

Topsy, Twitter's Google, Now Searches Every Tweet Ever Sent

Twitter's been around since 2006. If it was a kid, Twitter would be in 2nd grade, and totally grounded for having such a potty mouth. But trying to search through old tweets is a major frustration, because Twitter's built-in search function favors messages it thinks are newest and most relevant. Topsy changes all that, … » 9/04/13 11:33am 9/04/13 11:33am

Google's Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless "Search" Domain

ICANN's loosening up and getting ready to roll out a whole new batch of .whatever generic top-level domains, but Google wanted more. Google was pushing for crazy, dotless domains like http://search. But the dream is over. ICANN just smacked it down. » 8/17/13 10:06am 8/17/13 10:06am

Google Search Can Now Answer Questions About Your Specific Life

Between the always-listening Moto X and the promise of conversational search, it's pretty clear that Google's ultimate goal is to become your very own, sci-fi, voice controlled personal assistant. And the new features Google's adding to search are bringing us even closer. » 8/14/13 2:39pm 8/14/13 2:39pm