Hound for iPhone, Android and iPad

Hound is an app that's like a reverse Shazam. Made by SoundHound (a Shazam-like app), it's a voice recognition app where you say a song title or artist and Hound will gather all the relevant details in one tidy page. » 5/26/11 6:00pm 5/26/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Hound, Free, iPhone, Android & iPad. Say you already know a song or artist but you want… » 5/26/11 6:00pm 5/26/11 6:00pm

Let Me Google That For You Teaches You How To Google

Let Me Google That For You » 11/19/08 8:55pm 11/19/08 8:55pm is a tutorial search engine for those whose assistance is constantly needed by the technologically impaired or those clueless friends you have who are just too lazy to search for answers themselves. Follow the jump to find out how it works.Upon reaching the page, type in your friend's…

Hitachi's GazoPa Web Searches Images by Color, Shape

Hitachi became the latest company to enter the online search arena, unveiling a “similar image search” engine called GazoPa at TechCrunch50. Unlike regular image search services, GazoPa relies on characteristics such as similar colors and shapes rather than traditional metadata. We're not sure why Hitachi, better… » 9/11/08 3:29am 9/11/08 3:29am

Ex-Googlers Build Cuil Search Engine, Say it's Bigger Than Google

"Search 121,617,892,992 web pages" claims the front page of the new search engine Cuil (pronounced "cool" apparently). Those 120 billion pages are about three times as many as Google actually indexes, according to developer Anna Patterson... and she should know as until 2006 she worked there. Presented in a kind of… » 7/28/08 5:28am 7/28/08 5:28am

Microsoft and Yahoo Continue To Tango, Re-enters Talks

Looks like Microsoft isn't completely ready to let its dreams of a deal with Yahoo die yet. Despite calling the purple giant's demands "excessive" and retiring its $47.5 billion bid just two weeks ago, Microsoft is now saying that it's discussing an "alternative transaction." Apparently something has changed enough in… » 5/18/08 7:30pm 5/18/08 7:30pm