Anti-Seasickness Yacht Ensures You're Not Vomiting That Expensive Champagne

If the one thing keeping you from buying a luxury yacht is the fact that you vomit uncontrollably whenever there's a stiff breeze, this Ferretti 630 is something you may want to consider. The yacht has an Anti Rolling Gyro to stop side-to-side swaying, which means that whenever the thing tilts to one side, the… » 9/10/07 6:20pm 9/10/07 6:20pm

iPhone Popularity Forces Calamari on Menu

The iPhone Calamari commercial was tantalizing enough to tempt our own Brian Lam to write up a seafood craving post of his own. But apparently he wasn't the only one jonesing for the stuff after seeing Apple's ad, as the commercial's featured restaurant, Pacific Catch, was forced to add the dish to their menu because … » 7/07/07 10:20am 7/07/07 10:20am