Designs For the Floating Libertarian Cities of the Seasteading Movement

Seasteading, the concept of building floating cities that are independent of the government, is a big, expensive idea that would require billions of dollars and decades to see to completion. It’s hard to even imagine what these communities would look like. But a design competition for architects has done some… »8/18/15 2:00pm8/18/15 2:00pm


Ahoy, Techno-Utopian Mateys! There's a Seasteading TV Show On the Way

A reality television show about seasteading, the movement to establish floating, self-sufficient cities in the ocean, is in the works. The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit founded by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, sent out a casting call today urging all "experts and survivalists" with an interest in… »2/20/15 4:10pm2/20/15 4:10pm

How to Build Your Own Sea-Based Country for Fun and Profit

Last week, I told you about the new project by a small group of monied Silicon Valley geeks to build autonomous countries out at sea. The project, called Seasteading, will consist of structures out at sea similar to oil derricks but built with living in mind. And you'll be able to make your own laws! No rules! You… »5/27/08 10:50am5/27/08 10:50am

Silicon Valley Nerds Plan Sea-Based Utopian Country to Call Their Own

A group of super-rich Silicon Valley nerds are sick of the man keeping them down. That's why they're planning to create their own sea-based country made up of floating structures that will be similar to oil rigs, but with houses and offices rather than, you know, oil rig stuff on board. And this isn't some conceptual… »5/20/08 2:40pm5/20/08 2:40pm