Hypercolor Heat-Changing Toilet Shows Who's Been Assing it Up

Even though we're comfortable with sitting on a toilet seat that someone just vacated (and vacated their bowels on), it still comes as a surprise just how warm that seat is—the ass must be a bit higher than 98 degrees. This thermochromic toilet seat, however, lets you know exactly how warm the seat is, with a bonus… »1/02/08 7:10pm1/02/08 7:10pm

Glowing Toilet Seat Makes Your Deposits Look Really Disgusting

Luckily most of us at Giz are still young enough not to have to wake up multiple times a night to pee, but when we do reach that stage, we're investing in a Glowing Toilet Seat. Just bright enough so you don't make a mess that our wives we have to clean up in the morning, but not bright enough so you can't fall back… »3/02/07 4:00pm3/02/07 4:00pm