I Explored Second Life's Forgotten Worlds With an Oculus Rift

Don't call it a comeback. Second Life has been here for years—eleven, this month—but after the virtual world's much-vaunted debut, the online universe slowly slipped out of the cultural consciousness, now infrequently referenced more as a punchline than legitimate popular hangout. Unless you, like I did last week,… »7/01/14 2:20pm7/01/14 2:20pm


Things Virtual Reality China Will Not Prep You For (And What You Can Do Instead)

The U.S. is injecting a good $1.25 million into a new “virtual training ground” for American diplomats who plan on working in China called “The Second China Project.” It's a pretend city in Linden Lab's Second Life that purportedly will help almost-expatriots get used to the environment in the world's most populous… »10/30/08 11:00pm10/30/08 11:00pm

Sony's PlayStation Home Expands Beta This Summer, Goes Open Beta Fall 2008

PlayStation Home, the long-awaited PlayStation 3 social networking++ app, is finally going to see open beta starting Fall 2008. Before that, if you're one of the few lucky users chosen by Sony, you'll be able to participate in the closed beta expanding some time in Summer 2008. No other real features have been… »4/22/08 2:01am4/22/08 2:01am

Apple Patent Filing Hints at Second Life-Style Storefront

A recent patent filing by Apple Inc. entitled Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere indicates that Steve Jobs' next BOOM could involve a hat tip to virtual worlds like Second Life. According to the filing, Apple is considering a more interactive visual representation of its online store complete with changing weather… »4/20/08 7:00pm4/20/08 7:00pm

3D-Sensing Cameras Bring Second Life One Step Closer To The Metaverse

Those of you who have always wanted to move around Second Life while actually moving around may be in luck. Linden Lab Chair Mitchell Kapor has teamed up with 3DV Systems to show the Zcam, an inexpensive video camera that can judge when you're leaning forward and backwards. No news yet on whether it can also sense… »4/12/08 11:00am4/12/08 11:00am

SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse Gives Full Range of Motion to Second Life Avatars

3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator, a rubber-capped multi-axis metal dial meant mainly for 3D design, has been put to even better use as a pan-dimensional controller for Second Life. The video says it all: watch as Beast, one of the "Lindens" who works at Second Life's founder company, demos movement of his avatar on both… »4/03/08 4:00am4/03/08 4:00am

Dumb Crooks Drop Clues In MySpace, Facebook, Second Life

Turns out, it's a dumb idea to post "I just killed two cops" on your MySpace page. That's what some idiot did, and learned the hard way that cops are rediscovering their home computers, and hitting MySpace, Facebook and even Second Life in search of clues. »11/06/07 9:18am11/06/07 9:18am

And yeah, I'm embarrassed to say that it was in my home…

Fabjectory: Second Life Avatars Jump from In-World to Real World

Looking to bring that Second Life avatar one step closer to reality? Fabjectory will take your virtual object file and turn it into a 7-inch voodoo doll. The company says logos, tattoos and rings make the transition very well, but admits that wings, ribbons, and prim hair don't look so great. It's $99 for a standard… »10/09/06 10:40am10/09/06 10:40am