14 Underground Lairs Fit For a Mega-Villain

Batman had one under his mansion outside Gotham. Osama bin Laden was found in one just in Pakistan. Underground lairs are an integral part of pop culture fantasy and real-life current events—but whether they're fake or real, they're always cloaked in intrigue. And frankly, they're cool as hell. » 6/26/13 9:12am 6/26/13 9:12am

Calling All Wannabe Dr. Evil's: Super Secret London Tunnel Lair For Sale

Last Sunday we were writing about amazing underground diving rigs in the heart of New York City. It seems only fair that we jump across the pond this Sunday and write about a mile-long super secret tunnel lair below London that's currently for sale, don't you think? Asking price: A cool $7.4 million. It sounds a bit… » 11/30/08 12:00pm 11/30/08 12:00pm