New Toshiba Phone 'Acts Like a Secretary'

Toshiba is working on a new cellphone with tech that allows it to, uh, behave like a secretary. Apparently, that means it tracks you wherever you go and gives you info without your asking. Sounds like a creepy secretary, Toshiba! » 2/02/10 11:19am 2/02/10 11:19am

SORA the Reception Robot at IREX 2005

Meet SORA, the latest and greatest secretarial robot to come out of Japan. She has an integrated camera, microphone, speaker and business card scanner. She can take pictures of people and even act as a videoconferencing unit to communicate with those dirty people you don t want stinking up your office. The only… » 12/01/05 11:31am 12/01/05 11:31am