Square's Going to Have a More Secure Card Reader For iPhone Payments This Summer

I don't think news that Square is releasing a safer card reader this summer should put off users of their existing reader, but it's worth keeping an eye out for if you want to ensure all your credit card data is encrypted. This comes after Visa invested in the start-up, so it makes sense also that Square's going to… »4/29/11 4:10am4/29/11 4:10am


Masterlock's iCage Bike-Lock-Style Case Chains-Down Your iPod

An iPod case that doubles as a secure bicycle-lock-style chain for your iPod... I can't work out if this is marketing madness or shrewd targeting of a small customer sector by Masterlock. I mean, you'd have to work in a very »9/08/08 10:00am9/08/08 10:00am crappy office environment indeed if you felt the need to chain your iPod to your desk while…

Hands-On With Lexar's JumpDrive Secure II Plus with Encryption and Capacity Meter

Lexar's JumpDrive Secure II Plus brings the e-ink capacity meter previously seen in their other drives and the 256-bit AES encryption previously seen in the JumpDrive Secure II. The result? Something pretty convenient and secure, not to mention that it's the cheapest drive they have that has the e-ink capacity display. »5/14/07 2:30pm5/14/07 2:30pm