Upgrade Your Citibank iPhone App If You Want To Keep Your Personal Data Private

Citibank's iPhone app accidentally saved private user data such as passwords, account numbers, and bill payments in a hidden file on phones. No security breach has been reported, however Citibank is urging its customers to upgrade their app to fix the flaw and delete any saved information. [WSJ via Fast Company] »7/26/10 3:22pm7/26/10 3:22pm

FCC Ramping Up Web Security After iPad Breach and Google Street View Wi-Fi Snooping

Unlike you guys, the FCC is taking the iPad security breach a little more seriously. The two high profile issues are causing the FCC to step up their scrutiny of online security and privacy issues. They're calling the iPad breach a "classic security breach" and have put cyber security on high priority through their… »6/11/10 1:59pm6/11/10 1:59pm

Verizon Staff Accessed Obama Cellphone Data, Became Ex-Verizon Staff

Several Verizon Wireless employees stumbled upon the Pandora's Box of personal cellphone accounts, that of President-Elect Barack Obama, and couldn't help sneaking a peek. Luckily, the account was old and out-of-use, there's no indication that email records, voicemails or call contents were monitored, and at the very… »11/21/08 12:30am11/21/08 12:30am