Security Camera System Busts Homeless Woman Who Lived Undetected in a Man's Closet For a Year

A homeless woman in Japan was recently busted by the police for trespassing after the man who had been unknowingly harboring her began to notice that food was disappearing from his kitchen. To discover the source of the problem, he had security cameras installed that transmitted images to his cellphone. It wasn't long… »5/30/08 8:00pm5/30/08 8:00pm

"See Me TV" Security Cam Mirrors: They Will Only Think You Are a Pervert

Install one of these "See Me TV" Security Cam mirrors in your home and give your guests something to think about on their next trip to the bathroom. Naturally, there is no actual camera in the mirror, but something tells me that visitors won't find the "Big Brother" message all that amusing at first—and neither will… »5/25/08 5:00pm5/25/08 5:00pm