Toshiba Cans SED Debut for CES

I'm tempted to start calling SED TVs the year's top vaporware. First they left us hanging at CEDIA and then just as things started to look promising, comes news (via a dear John letter sent to the press) that says there won't be any SED panels for us to fawn over at next year's CES. Why the cruelty, Toshiba? » 12/21/06 6:35pm 12/21/06 6:35pm

55-inch SED Teases Home Theater Fans Across the World

We're waiting for the day SEDs go full force, but in the meantime Canon and Toshiba have taken the wraps off a 55-inch SED panel. The display has an insanely high 100,000:1 contrast ratio that dwarfs the contrast ratio found in today's plasmas and LCDs. SEDs as we've said before, combine the best of CRTs (super high… » 10/19/06 7:22pm 10/19/06 7:22pm