Sega's E.M.A. Robot Is a Brazen Minx, Has a Glamorous Body, Also Kind of a Slut

We've seen midget-sized female robots coming out of Japan for a little while, but Sega Toys' Eternal, Maiden, Actualization (E.M.A.) robot seems like the most fully featured one yet. Or at least the sluttiest. The bot is 38 cm tall, has a "glamorous body," can hand out business cards, walk "like a lady," and even kiss… »6/12/08 12:30pm6/12/08 12:30pm

Sega Body Trainer: A Digital Excerise Coach for Your Medical Entertainment

Sega Toy's new Body Trainer is a "medical entertainment" product, we kid you not, designed to guide you through your exercise regime. Taking account of your age, weight and so on, it advises you with spoken prompts along the lines of "Let's start warming up." It actually measures your heart rate with an earlobe clip,… »2/29/08 4:32am2/29/08 4:32am

SegaToys Brain Checker Flirts With Your Prefrontal Cortex

The SegaToys Brain Checker is a handheld game that allows you to get your gray matter flexing. Given the Japanese content of the source, we are not too sure what the Brain Checker will actually involve, but derivations of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Age games are to be expected. From the screenshots available, the game will… »12/29/07 12:45pm12/29/07 12:45pm