What's This Generation's Segway?

A recent Reuters report makes a fairly sound case for the demise of Google Glass, which is obviously giving headline writers across the internet the opportunity to label it as This Generation's Segway. But that's far too important a title to give away without a long discussion and the posting of many, many GIFs of… » 11/15/14 10:00am 11/15/14 10:00am

There's a Knock-Off Segway For Kids Who Hate Walking Too

It was heralded as the device that would change cities and urban landscapes forever. But thanks to a price tag that put it in direct competition with a used car, the Segway ended up a punchline instead of a revolution. Will that ever change? If we get kids addicted to never having to walk again with ride-on toys like… » 10/24/14 11:07am 10/24/14 11:07am

My Wobbly Ride on the Self-Balancing Unicycle of the Future

To a surprising number of engineers and innovators, the future of transportation has only one wheel. But the future, at least when I'm driving, is pretty wobbly. » 10/08/14 10:49am 10/08/14 10:49am

Norway Arrests First Segway Drunk Driver

After lifting a ban on Segways last month, Norwegian officials have made its first arrest of a person driving their electric footbikething while intoxicated. A man was riding the dorkmobile erratically in central Oslo when he was pulled over. » 8/20/14 10:36am 8/20/14 10:36am

Segway Trike Manages to Defeat the Whole Purpose of Segway

Designed with the hopes that it would completely transform urban transportation, the Segway was a battery-powered self-balancing two-wheeled scooter that was unfortunately priced way too high to catch on. But the technology behind it was impressive, which is why the company's latest creation, a three-wheeled trike… » 5/21/14 9:14am 5/21/14 9:14am

Riding the RYNO: When Two Wheels Is Too Many

This sci-fi electric unicycle is the RYNO, a future-badass alternative to the Segway that looks like it got beamed down from the year 2114. But it's here, and it's real, and I got to ride it. » 1/25/14 11:00am 1/25/14 11:00am

A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

If the only thing stopping you from riding around town on a Segway is, well, looking like someone riding around town on a Segway, this enhanced version might make you a little less hesitant about being seen in public on one. And it's all thanks to a handful of Vespa scooters that had to sacrifice their lives for this… » 12/12/13 2:40pm 12/12/13 2:40pm

A Lego Segway Is as Ridiculously Wonderful as You'd Expect

Lego whisperer Simon Burfield has a knack for taking the plastic building toy well past the limits of what it was intended for. His specialty is building rideable creations including a full-sized wheelchair, and now a rather brilliant Segway clone. » 6/07/13 8:43am 6/07/13 8:43am

There's a Fire-Fighting Mini-Segway That Might Save Your Life Someday

Firefighters are brave. But they're humans and they get hurt. So scientists at the University of California at San Diego have created a Segway-like robot that uses thermal imaging to help people fight fires better. » 6/06/13 12:32pm 6/06/13 12:32pm

The Definitive Compilation of Segway Fails

Helmet? Check. Segway? Got it. Total dweeb status? Done and done. Under normal circumstances, it's hard to look at someone riding the personal transportation system without cracking up. But try watching a series of people falling off of Segways, and it's utterly impossible to keep a straight face. » 1/22/13 10:23am 1/22/13 10:23am

Everything You Need to Get From Point A to B While Looking Like an Idiot

Sometimes you need to get somewhere in a hurry, but a car can be an expensive accessory, particularly if you live in a downtown setting. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to just taking a bicycle to where you need to go. Including plenty that look just look downright stupid. » 6/19/12 3:20pm 6/19/12 3:20pm

Four-Wheeled Personal Rover: A Segway For Cheapskates

I still think the Segway has a lot of potential, but not until it reaches a reasonable price point. So in the interim, this Personal Rover could fill the gap, providing similar functionality at a fraction of the cost. » 1/17/12 9:44am 1/17/12 9:44am

Man on Man Gold-Rimmed Segway CES Monster Love

How would you roll if you were a big baller CEO of one of the world's largest electronics companies? If you're Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee, on a tricked out gold-rimmed Segway of course. Oh, and look, a Segway-strapped admirer! » 1/10/12 5:40pm 1/10/12 5:40pm

Honda's Self-Balancing Unicycle: A Segway For Sitters

Comfort and safety are the top features when it comes to buying a new car, so in an attempt to make its U3-X personal mobility device more consumer-friendly, Honda has improved both those aspects in its new Uni-Cub concept. » 12/13/11 10:40am 12/13/11 10:40am

The USMC's Next Generation of Target Dummies Ride Segways (Updated)

For years, military live fire exercises have relied on either stationary or pop-out targets but they don't really simulate enemy movements—they just sit there, waiting to be shot. These targets, newly developed for the USMC don't; they move, behave, and react just like real combatants. » 11/29/11 11:40pm 11/29/11 11:40pm

Ball Tossing iFling Robot is the Future of Grenade Warfare

Finding yet another more useful application for the Segway's balancing technology, the iFling robot is able to pick up ping pong balls and fling them at targets, all while effortlessly balancing on two wheels. » 11/12/11 5:00pm 11/12/11 5:00pm

Murata's Self Balancing Powered Walker is Perfect For the Elderly and…

Like a Segway you can't ride, Murata's new power assisted, self balancing walker provides a stable support for senior citizens, allowing them to stay mobile while not tiring as quickly. » 10/26/11 11:20am 10/26/11 11:20am

Will.i.am Hosts Dean Kamen's Robotics Championship

As the story goes, the Black Eyed Peas' frontman Will.i.am was just cruising on his Segway, thinking about technology and stuff—when he decided to call up Dean Kamen and got hoodwinked into hosting the FIRST Robotics Championship. » 8/16/11 6:40am 8/16/11 6:40am

Segway Company Owner Died Because Of His Politeness, Coroner Tells

The coroner working on the case of Jimi Heselden's death last year has ruled it was an accident, seemingly due to allowing a dog-walker to pass him on the narrow cliff-path, making him reverse and fall 42ft. [BBC] » 7/15/11 11:30am 7/15/11 11:30am

I'd Totally Have a Segway-Joust With Friends if I Won the Lottery, Too

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Sure, it's an ad—an ad for Washington's Lottery—but who wouldn't want to joust with a friend on a pair of Segways? Or play polo? Just let me know when you win the lottery, and I'll be there to help you spend it. [Creativity-Online via CrunchGear] » 4/06/11 7:20am 4/06/11 7:20am