Be Prepared for the Next Big One With This DIY Earthquake Detector

A large-scale early warning system for California earthquakes should be rolling out soon—at least, as soon as the government funding kicks in. Until then, one of the scientists working on the prototype decided to turn his seismic knowledge into an at-home science project, designing this DIY earthquake alarm for… »9/10/14 4:30pm9/10/14 4:30pm

Bracing for the Next Big Quake With L.A.'s New City Seismologist

The 4.4 jolt that shook Angelenos awake this morning was the latest reminder of our complicated relationship with the ground below us. But I had a different perspective of what was happening under my feet this time: Just before this latest earthquake, I took a walk along Hollywood's fault lines with Dr. Lucy Jones,… »3/17/14 7:10pm3/17/14 7:10pm

Laptop Accelerometers Used to Study Earthquakes, Desk "Bumping"

Seismologists at Stanford are learning from their roommates over in the biology department and rigging up a distributed computing system to gather quake data from laptops with accelerometers. It's used to save resources for scientists by using assets (your laptops) that are already deployed in a widespread area.… »4/24/08 12:20pm4/24/08 12:20pm