Watch all the parts of a table saw magically self-assemble

Putting things together can sometimes make you feel accomplished but there are a lot more times where it gets real tedious, real fast. That's why I enjoy these magic self-assembling videos. Frank Howarth shows an entire table saw assembling itself in this stop-motion video and it makes me wish this could happen in… »3/20/15 8:35pm3/20/15 8:35pm


These Cubes With No Moving Parts Are Actually Self-Assembling Robots

There's no shortage of proposed ideas for self-assembling robots, but they're usually either incredibly complex or just a little boring. In contrast, these adorable little cubes have no obvious moving parts—but can still climb over and around one another, leap through the air, or roll across the ground. »10/04/13 8:55am10/04/13 8:55am

Shape-Shifting Robot Re-Assembles Itself, Will Chase Snotty Teens on Motorbikes One Day

University of Pennsylvania roboticists—who talk like robot versions of Alan Alda—have developed modular artificial creatures capable of recomposing themselves in case they are destroyed—effectively taking the first step toward global annihilation, thank you very much. Happily for Humanity, they are far from T1000,… »4/29/08 12:50pm4/29/08 12:50pm