Walmart Is Testing an iPhone Checkout System That Could Help You Escape Its Clutches a Little Bit Faster

The Apple Store and Walmart might seem like they're on completely opposite ends of the retail spectrum. They often share one similarity though, like hellish interiors teaming with to many, sweating, breathing, sneezing, coughing, occasionally corpulent customers. Walmart's trying out a new Apple-y, iPhone-based… »9/01/12 7:00pm9/01/12 7:00pm


Question of the Day: Do You Prefer Self-Checkout Lines?

For an impatient geek there is nothing...NOTHING more annoying than standing behind someone in a grocery store that has the audacity to write a check in the 21st century. That is why I head for the self-checkout lines. Generally, only those brave enough to tackle the machine and handle the pressure of nerds staring… »10/13/08 6:00pm10/13/08 6:00pm