Cop Tases Pregnant Woman for Trying to Leave Police Station

As tasers turn into must-have gadgets for self-defense and police officers alike, dubious tasings have apparently also gone epidemic, making taser-proof clothing a must for any activist's, driver's or breathing human's Christmas list. Today's exhibit: A woman walks into a police station, wants to give up her… »11/29/07 7:20pm11/29/07 7:20pm

"Spider-Man" Pepper Spray Bracelet Looks Like a Toy

Aside the fact that it's easy as balls to spot from a mile away thanks to its impressive heft and blue hue, Domonique Torrence's Spider-Man-inspired pepper spray bracelet comes close to being a useful idea. It's loaded with pepper spray cartridges, so you just slam the button in your palm to disperse the mild irritant… »11/01/07 6:40pm11/01/07 6:40pm

Personal Protection Launcher Lets you Powder the Nose of your Attacker

With a range of 40 feet—that's 25 feet more than a Taser&mdasj;the Avurt IM-5 personal protection launcher will keep away anyone you don't want near you from getting too close. It's simple to work: aim at the chest of a large, blond man in a stadium, pull the trigger and the man will be too overcome by coughing to do… »8/16/07 9:24am8/16/07 9:24am

Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Delivers a Shocking Experience, Up Close and Personal

If a Taser is a bit impersonal for you, put on these Blast Knuckles that pack a 950,000-volt punch up-side the head. The Blast Knuckles Stun Gun is a $69.95 weapon powered by lithium batteries that lets you slam dunk and smack down any miscreant who might try to help him- or herself to your stuff or junk. »3/12/07 1:15pm3/12/07 1:15pm