1981: A small, battery-powered self-protection device developed by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is worn on the wrist and can be easily activated to drive off an attacker with an electric shock. [Getty Images]


Stun Gun Shoe Stops Sleazeballs

Here's another product for all of our female readers who are tired of tactless men ruining their nights on the town. A concept shoe named the Electric Cinderella Shoe looks like an everyday, attractive looking pair of shoes that no girl would feel embarrassed to wear. There is a catch, however, designed to teach Mr.…


Need training against a knife but don't want to look like Zsasz from Batman? Use the Shocknife, which looks like a knife, hurts like a knife, but doesn't cut your skin. With up to 7,500 volts but less than 1 milliamp, the Shocknife provides law enforcement and self defense classes real world experience with bladed…