Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Freaking Awesome

Here's something we should all totally get behind: strangers drawing strangers Facebook profile pictures. Called Selfless Portraits, it's an incredible art project that allows random people to draw other random people's profile pic and collects them all in a gallery of side-by-side portraits. Some of them are… »2/21/13 9:00pm2/21/13 9:00pm

How the Heck Did This Photographer Take These Falling Self Portraits?

Kerry Skarbakka is a photographer who loves to capture himself falling to the ground. It could be falling off from a ladder, falling off from a building, falling in the shower, falling while lifting weights and/or anything horrible and awful and terrible that you would never ever want to fall off of. How does he… »2/04/13 9:00pm2/04/13 9:00pm