Shape-Shifting Robot Re-Assembles Itself, Will Chase Snotty Teens on Motorbikes One Day

University of Pennsylvania roboticists—who talk like robot versions of Alan Alda—have developed modular artificial creatures capable of recomposing themselves in case they are destroyed—effectively taking the first step toward global annihilation, thank you very much. Happily for Humanity, they are far from T1000,… »4/29/08 12:50pm4/29/08 12:50pm


Sewer Slime Can Fix Bridges and Form Your Clothing

Imagine one day waking up, showering then coating yourself with a slime normally found in the sewers of England, which immediately takes the shape of your pants and shirt. It might sound like Spiderman 3—or just totally freakin' disgusting—but an industrial designer is taking the concept seriously, studying something… »10/22/07 10:21am10/22/07 10:21am