Toyota's Tacoma ATG: Gull-Wing Doors, and Four 24-inch LCDs with Xbox…

Jalopnik is all over this week's SEMA car show in Vegas, where Toyota and Microsoft are parading their crazy Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer concept. Four Xbox 360 Elites hooked-up to four swing-out 24-inch Samsung LCDs? Check. Energy drink dispenser? You betcha. » 11/03/09 10:26am 11/03/09 10:26am

Tricked Out Scion Features First Portable HD Radio

We haven't seen that many tricked out Scions before, but this one here is essentially a living room on wheels. In addition to the usual car tech like a Bluetooth hands-free calling kit and GPS navigation, it has the first ever portable HD Radio receiver (shown far right), the HD Jump. (HD Radio ups the clarity of FM… » 10/31/06 10:00am 10/31/06 10:00am