Senator on Internet Policy Subcommittee Has "Never Sent an Email"

US Senator and delicate southern flower Lindsey Graham has, in his own words, never sent an email in his life. He also just so happens to be a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law. Naturally. » 3/08/15 9:25pm 3/08/15 9:25pm

Report Finds Anti-Hacking Car Security "Inconsistent and Haphazard"

Senator Ed Markey recently asked all of the major car companies for information about how they protect drivers' security and privacy in cars with wireless technology. The answers were not good. » 2/10/15 12:55pm 2/10/15 12:55pm

8 Dumb Quotes About Science From New NASA Overseer Ted Cruz

The new Republican-led Congress is currently busy picking people to chair its many committees and subcommittees. Guess what! Tea Party hero Senator Ted Cruz is the new chair of the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. That means he will oversee NASA. Yep—the climate-denying Tea Party hero who tried to… » 1/12/15 12:07pm 1/12/15 12:07pm

Coming Soon: National Park Sites Dedicated to The Manhattan Project

Today the Senate passed a bill that will create three National Parks sites to commemorate the Manhattan Project, the World War II program that gave us the atomic bomb. » 12/12/14 5:50pm 12/12/14 5:50pm

New Senate Bill Could Help You Unlock Your Phone

The murky copyright situation surrounding phone unlocking could get a little bit clearer, thanks to the new and somewhat improved Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, a bipartisan bill in the Senate. » 6/27/14 3:40am 6/27/14 3:40am

The Secret Solid Marble Bathtubs in the US Senate's Boiler Room

In 1869, the bathtubs in the basement of the US Capitol building looked something like the painting below. » 4/29/14 1:40pm 4/29/14 1:40pm

Despite having no formal role in the review of mergers and acquisitions, Comcast's deal with Time Warner Cable will go in front of the Senate on March 26th. Folks are clearly taking this seriously. » 2/25/14 8:18am 2/25/14 8:18am

Anonymous Says They Leaked 2,000 Congressional Email Passwords

The rascals over at Anonymous are still pretty upset over the recent revelations about the NSA spying on seemingly everyone so they're acting out in the only way they know how: hacking. Specifically, releasing the supposed email accounts—and passwords—of seemingly everybody on Capitol Hill. » 7/18/13 1:55pm 7/18/13 1:55pm

A Congressional investigation found that Apple has avoided BILLIONS in taxes. Senator John McCain said, “Apple claims to be the largest U.S. corporate taxpayer, but by sheer size and scale, it is also among America’s largest tax avoiders.” [NY Times] » 5/20/13 8:40pm 5/20/13 8:40pm

The US Senate Just Passed That Internet Sales Tax Bill

That massive online sales tax hike that senators were pushing through? Yeah, it's looking more and more likely. The US senate just held a final vote on the Internet Sales tax issue and it passed 69-27, getting support from both Democrats and Republicans. » 5/06/13 8:40pm 5/06/13 8:40pm

Will Someone Please Teach Chuck Grassley How to Put His iPhone on…

Official Worst Tweeter Chuck Grassley today further proved his technological ineptitude, when in the middle of his own speech on the senate floor, the senator's iPhone began to ring, interrupting his discussion of some unspecified "standards." » 6/06/12 8:40pm 6/06/12 8:40pm

Facebook Tells Users Not to Give Passwords to Employers As Senate…

Facebook's chief privacy officer Erin Egan has sent a warning to social network's users: never give your password to your employer. It's wrong and it's illegal for them to ask you. In fact, the US Senate is working on a bill to specifically ban this despicable tactic. » 3/23/12 10:19am 3/23/12 10:19am

White House Will Simulate NYC Power Grid Attack to Teach the Senate a…

The weather in New York City today was a pleasant 64 degrees but Gothamites had better hope it stays mild. The White House has announced that it will simulate an attack on the NYC power grid during the next heatwave. Oh, that's just mean. » 3/07/12 10:00pm 3/07/12 10:00pm

Is the Senate Trying to Sneak In a New SOPA Bill?

After the Internet bandied up together and killed SOPA, you'd think the government would be a little weary of introducing SOPA-like bills less the Internet start a revolution and start calling out dumb politicians. Guess not though because it looks like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still wants to censor the… » 2/12/12 2:00pm 2/12/12 2:00pm

Senate Leader Harry Reid Postpones PIPA Vote (Updated: RIAA Speaks)

In response to tuesday's online blackout in protest of the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills floating around congress, Senate leader Harry Reid has opted to postpone the vote on the bill, believing there's a way to first find compromise between all parties. » 1/20/12 10:08am 1/20/12 10:08am

PIPA Support Collapses, and Here's a Full List of the Senators Who…

Yesterday was, it turns out, a good day: so far, 18 senators previously in favor of PIPA now oppose it, seven of whom were former co-sponsors of the act. Here's the full list of converts. » 1/19/12 3:38am 1/19/12 3:38am

Surprise! Senators with Huge Campaign Contributions from Media Support…

It's an old cliché in politics to "follow the money." Unfortunately, it's almost always true when it comes to the support of controversial bills. In fact, all you need is $100k per senator to buy support for PIPA, the Senates version of SOPA. » 1/18/12 8:02pm 1/18/12 8:02pm

SOPA Outrage Is Breaking the Senate's Websites

It looks like many of you really don't like this SOPA thing! And best of all, you're actually doing something about it: US Senate contact pages are being hammered so hard, they're crashing. » 1/18/12 1:14pm 1/18/12 1:14pm

PIPA Co-Sponsor Abandons His Awful Bill (Updated: Four Down!)

Senator Marco Rubio has had a change of conscience. The legislation abomination known as PIPA, birthed in part from Rubio's Floridian law-womb, just officially lost his support. Keep up the pressure, everyone. » 1/18/12 11:47am 1/18/12 11:47am