SendStation PocketDock Lets iPods Embrace MiniUSB

The proprietary dock connector on the iPod line is nice for a wide line of accessories, but it forces you to carry a uni-purpose iPod cable. The PocketDock lets you sync and charge with miniUSB, the accepted standard, instead. » 8/26/09 12:20am 8/26/09 12:20am

Sendstation PocketDock AV Hooks Up Everything iPod

SendStation makes it easier to hook up your iPod to your home theater system with its PocketDock AV. It works with any dock connector-equipped iPod, charging it via USB, hooking up with S-Video or composite video, and also audio channels left and right with one handy bundled cable. And look at this, you can also use… » 5/30/07 11:28am 5/30/07 11:28am

SendStation Dock Extender: Never Take Your iPod Out of That Case Again

SendStation, maker of various doodads for the iPod, has created a solution to that small problem of your iPod case getting in the way of the dock connector in some situations such as the one depicted above. Put this little SendStation Dock Extender on the end of any iPod and its receiving end will extend beyond the… » 2/19/07 7:36am 2/19/07 7:36am

Dealzmodo Supplemental: Buy a $24 iPod Car Charger, Get 50 Free iTunes…

Whoa! The 20 free songs you got for buying a smartCharge from SendStation just got upped to 50 free iTunes songs. If you were going to buy 24 songs via iTunes already, why not get one of these and get 26 free songs, along with a free charger? Do you not like free stuff? » 9/19/06 8:30pm 9/19/06 8:30pm

Dealzmodo Supplemental: Buy a $24 iPod Car Charger, Get 20 Free iTunes…

If you're looking to buy a car charger or PocketDock adapter for your iPod, grab one at SendStation for $24.95 ($22.95 for PocketDock Adapter) and get 20 free iTunes songs. If you were going to spend $20 on iTunes anyway, you're getting a pretty good deal on the charger. If you don't use iTunes, then this deal isn't… » 9/05/06 9:00pm 9/05/06 9:00pm

Sendstation iPod PocketDock Combo

More f-ing iPod news today. The iPod PocketDock combo is a device that attaches to the dock port of your iPod and in turn, features a standard USB 2.0 or Firewire port. You can now connect your iPod Video and iPod Nano to any computer with those ports. » 4/25/06 10:09pm 4/25/06 10:09pm

SendStation Ear Buddy

Here's a great idea whose time has come: a case for your ear buds and that spaghetti-bowl full of wires that go along with them. Just place your earphones in the middle of the SendStation Ear Buddy and wrap all that cable around the ABS plastic spool surrounding it, and you have a great way to store those things that… » 2/08/06 8:12am 2/08/06 8:12am