Sendstation PocketDock AV Hooks Up Everything iPod

SendStation makes it easier to hook up your iPod to your home theater system with its PocketDock AV. It works with any dock connector-equipped iPod, charging it via USB, hooking up with S-Video or composite video, and also audio channels left and right with one handy bundled cable. And look at this, you can also use… » 5/30/07 11:28am 5/30/07 11:28am

SendStation Dock Extender: Never Take Your iPod Out of That Case Again

SendStation, maker of various doodads for the iPod, has created a solution to that small problem of your iPod case getting in the way of the dock connector in some situations such as the one depicted above. Put this little SendStation Dock Extender on the end of any iPod and its receiving end will extend beyond the… » 2/19/07 7:36am 2/19/07 7:36am

Dealzmodo Supplemental: Buy a $24 iPod Car Charger, Get 20 Free iTunes Songs

If you're looking to buy a car charger or PocketDock adapter for your iPod, grab one at SendStation for $24.95 ($22.95 for PocketDock Adapter) and get 20 free iTunes songs. If you were going to spend $20 on iTunes anyway, you're getting a pretty good deal on the charger. If you don't use iTunes, then this deal isn't… » 9/05/06 9:00pm 9/05/06 9:00pm