Leaked Screenshots Suggest HTC's Sense Skin Will Be Massively Simplified

HTC's Sense skin for Android has long been a bloated skeuomorphic mess, with aluminum ring pulls, flip clocks and fancy weather animations. If these leaked screenshot are accurate, though, that all looks set to change—for the better. » 1/22/13 5:58am 1/22/13 5:58am

HTC: Sense UI Was Bloated and Cluttered

Even though HTC makes some admirable phones, there has long been one common complaint about its handsets: Sense. The UI, that the company insists on plastering over the Android OS, is bloated, slow and a pain in the ass. Turns out HTC agrees, and it's changing it. » 3/01/12 7:32am 3/01/12 7:32am

HTC's New Status Has Deep Facebook Powers

It strikes me that we don't need that much more Facebook integration in our lives, seeing as we already have kids named after it. That won't stop HTC, who've just come out with the Status. A true Facebook phone. Hooray? » 6/29/11 1:26pm 6/29/11 1:26pm

HTC 1 Concept Envisions Minimalism At Its Most Functional

HTC makes some beautiful phones, but designer Andrew Kim still sees room for improvement. The HTC 1 is his vision for a device with an even more refined and harmonious design. Can you spot the hidden kickstand? » 7/13/10 6:20pm 7/13/10 6:20pm

HTC Espresso Sense UI Ported To Droid

Adventurous Droid owners looking for something new can now load their phones up with the yet-to-be-released HTC Espresso's Sense UI update. If you have a rooted Droid, check out this guide for full instructions. [AllDroid via Redmond Pie] » 1/09/10 7:36pm 1/09/10 7:36pm

HTC’s “Virtual Book” UI Patent Could Be Sense UI’s Successor

HTC's new UI patent that "organizes applications, widgets, and web pages into pages of a virtual book" may "borrow" a few ideas from Palm, but it's cool with me. I'm all for a snazzier version of Pre's card system. » 10/31/09 1:30pm 10/31/09 1:30pm

Sprint Hero Review: Faster, Stronger, Uglier

Take the most daring Android phone yet, but make it faster, stronger and better (but blander). You have the Sprint take on the HTC Hero, which happens to be the best Android phone you can buy. » 9/17/09 12:01am 9/17/09 12:01am

HTC Tattoo: Budget Android Phone Gets Slick Sense User Interface

Previously leaked as the "Click", HTC's Tattoo has replaceable covers that you can also design yourself. It runs Android with HTC's Sense interface (like the Hero), and has a 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen (eek), 3.2-megapixel camera, MicroSD storage, and 3.5mm headphone-jack. » 9/08/09 4:00am 9/08/09 4:00am

HTC Touch HD2 to Make the Switch to Android

The original HTC Touch HD (pictured) used HTC's heavily modified WinMo OS, but a new rumor suggests that for its sequel, HTC will be continuing its embrace of Android. Our fingers are crossed for a Sense-packing QWERTY. » 9/05/09 7:00pm 9/05/09 7:00pm

Software Update Fixes the HTC Hero's Only Real Problem

Well, this changes things. Right after it came out, Matt called the HTC Hero "tragically flawed." Why? Because the otherwise fantastic Sense UI was slooooow. HTC, presumably run by competent, rational human beings, has fixed this. » 8/19/09 1:55pm 8/19/09 1:55pm

HTC Hero "Sense" UI Officially Coming to the Magic, MyTouch 3G Might Be…

The HTC Magic is getting an official update to the Hero's overhauled, fairly wonderful "Sense" UI, but there's a catch: the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, which is basically the same freakin' phone, probably won't get the update, for lame licensing reasons. » 8/15/09 10:03pm 8/15/09 10:03pm

How To: Install the HTC Hero's UI On Your Sad Old G1

The tireless tinkerers over at XDA have assembled a definitive guide to loading the Hero's custom-baked Android build onto G1s. It's fairly involved and a little risky, but hardly unfamiliar territory to HTC fans. [XDA, GetYourDroidOn—Thanks, Patrick!] » 7/22/09 5:00pm 7/22/09 5:00pm