Record Your Entire Life for $775 With the Vicon Revue

Earlier this year, I wore this pack-of-cards shaped box around my neck for two days, recording everything in front of me in VGA photo-format. Microsoft licensed the tech to Vicon a while back, who's now selling it as the Revue. » 12/20/10 7:40am 12/20/10 7:40am

Microsoft SenseCam Review: What It's Like to Record Your Whole Life

Imagine a format that lies somewhere between photos and video, and a device that takes that format automatically, without you having to click a button. Microsoft's SenseCam is a prototype that hangs around your neck, lifecasting everything you see. » 3/20/10 3:00pm 3/20/10 3:00pm

Camera Records Your Life, 10 Days at a Time

A while back, Microsoft research developed a camera that hangs around your neck to snag shots through your life called the Sensecam. Now a company named Vicon has licensed the technology to release a life-logging camera. » 10/16/09 10:58am 10/16/09 10:58am