Wireless Sensor Bar from CYBER Gadget Tells You Just How Much Time…

For all of you whose Wii sensor bar has broken (are you listening, J. Diaz?) CYBER Gadget's wireless version has the added benefit of a clock tacked onto it. It's also looks good—it's been so long since we had a Wii session that I can't remember what the original looked like, but the words "prehistoric" and… » 2/20/08 7:08am 2/20/08 7:08am

Retractable Wii Sensor Bar Brings Gaming to Grandma's

The problem with taking your Wii to your relatives' place for Thanksgiving is that the sensor bar, much like ourselves, is both fragile and awkward to travel with. This retractable sensor bar helps eliminate breakage by shrinking up into a small and convenient package when not in use. » 11/06/07 5:40pm 11/06/07 5:40pm

Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

Leave it to third party manufacturers to devise a Wii sensor bar that's both wireless and cheap-looking. No doubt easy to manufacture—since you can replace your Wii sensor bar with candles—this solution will run you only $24.99 + shipping. » 12/12/06 8:30pm 12/12/06 8:30pm