Disney Tactile Device Lets Games and Movies Literally Send Chills Down …

Disney researchers apparently don't feel that your video games are realistic enough. Engineers at the company's Pittsburgh research facility have devised something they call "Tactile Brush" that creates the sensory illusion of objects moving against a person's skin, mimicking everything from crawling insects to the… » 5/27/11 9:20am 5/27/11 9:20am

Flame 5 Bluetooth Jacket

The Flame 5 jacket adds a unique twist to receiving cellphone calls and messages. This Bluetooth-enabled jacket will heat up when calls or messages are received. It will heat up different areas depending on who is calling. My Flame 5 is already programmed to heat up my nipples when Charlie White is giving me a ring. Oh … » 8/08/06 10:48am 8/08/06 10:48am