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Let's be frank: September was a dog of a month this year. The last month before the holiday season gets going has exactly one thing going for it—nice weather. And at least in the seat of House Gizmodo, it was equal parts sticky and submerged. Not cool, September. Luckily, some great gadgets also came out this month.… » 10/01/11 10:00am 10/01/11 10:00am

Windows Phone 7 Series Could Be On An LG Phone As Soon As September

We all know Windows Phone 7 is due at the end of the year, but according to the Chinese version of Engadget, LG is preparing for a launch date as early as September, as late as November. It's still a wide gap, but certainly a lot more hopeful than "early 2011." [Engadget Chinese via Engadget] » 2/25/10 5:41am 2/25/10 5:41am

Apple Misses iPhone Push Notification September Deadline

So here I'm in Neeeew Yooork. Teeeeerrific! (That's my Andy Warhol impersonation). One of the first things I did this week was to get a US cellphone contract, and since I was there, what the heck, I replaced my broken-screen iPhone with a brand new iPhone 3G-which required a $500 deposit because I have no credit… » 10/03/08 1:15pm 10/03/08 1:15pm