Dealzmodo: $10 FireFly Christmas Ornament

FireFly » 11/26/08 9:50am 11/26/08 9:50am may have gone down in flames, but the Serenity flies on with a little help of string and your Christmas tree. Usually going for upwards of $20—not that we obsessively check prices on all gear—the Serenity ornament is now on sale for a sweet $10. And just in case Joss Whedon stops by as part of some magical…

Serenity Bounces Onto Blu-ray With Actually Awesome Cover and a Ton of New Features

Give me Malcolm Reynolds over any other bucket-o-bolts captain ever. Joss Whedon is a national treasure and Nathan Fillion is his greatest muse » 11/07/08 5:00pm 11/07/08 5:00pm. Yes, I'm such a fanboy I totally won't mind buying Serenity for the third time, , since it comes packed with a Firefly class ship's worth of new features (like a bonus four…

First Pirated HD DVD Movie Weighs in at 19GB

It's only been a few weeks since Muslix64 bypassed HD DVD's DRM protection and now it appears the first HD DVD movie has made its way onto BitTorrent. The movie of choice is the sci-fi flick Serenity, which weighed in at 19.6GB. The .EVO file is playable on most DVD software packages like PowerDVD, the question is… » 1/16/07 2:46pm 1/16/07 2:46pm