Gartner Says iPhone Now OK for Biz; BlackBerry and Window Mobile Mess…

Today Gartner reversed its opinion on the iPhone: Before, it said the iPhone wasn't business-friendly, but today, the firm grants it "appliance-level" status, meaning that with the upcoming enterprise-friendly iPhone 2.0 update, it'll officially be safe enough—and functional enough—for hardcore suit-wearers. » 3/19/08 10:56am 3/19/08 10:56am

Apple Dashboard Widgets on Nokia S60 Phones

With Nokia's Web Run Time, due to be released in the next S60 operating system update, Nokia users can actually run slightly modified Apple Dashboard widgets right on their phone. The basis of this is that Nokia's widgets and Dashboard widgets both use the WebKit browser engine (the same fact that also allowed Nokias… » 10/10/07 3:05pm 10/10/07 3:05pm

Nokia N75 Multimedia Smartphone Due on Cingular Any Day Now

"Sources" say the Nokia N75 is about to hit Cingular in the next few days. While this should please people who use cellphones as a status symbol, us gadget geeks have known about its existence for a few months now. The specs remain as impressive as when we first heard about it (based on Symbian Series 60, 3G friendly… » 12/04/06 2:50pm 12/04/06 2:50pm