This Thoroughly Modern Laptop Is Your Ultrabooks-Are-Cheap-Now Deal of the Day

Over at Amazon, one of the best Ultrabooks we've seen yet is at a significant discount. Samsung's 2012 Series 9 is down to $700. For perspective, its MSRP was $1000 at launch and street price elsewhere is about $900. But formidable as the discount is, what makes this deal a real value is that this is a extremely nice… »1/04/13 3:00pm1/04/13 3:00pm

Samsung Series 9 2012 Review: Who Said Samsung Can't Do Cool?

The Samsung Series 9 was one of the best Windows ultraportable laptops last year. Even though it didn't quite keep up on specs or benchmarks with some of the top-end machines, it was the most usable of the bunch. This year, as ultrabooks have made massive improvements over the past generation, the Series 9 remains one… »7/10/12 3:20pm7/10/12 3:20pm

Samsung Series 9 Laptop Is Thinner, Lighter, and Officially More Expensive Than the MacBook Air

Samsung's Series 9 laptop is the first real dart thrown at the MacBook Air; it's lighter, it's thinner, it's faster, and it looks gorgeous. Looks like Samsung's not going to match Apple on price, though. The 13-inch Series 9 starts at $1,650, fifty bucks more than the most expensive Air and a full $350 more than… »3/16/11 1:38pm3/16/11 1:38pm

Samsung Updates LED-Backlit LCD: Series 9 Expensive But Probably Worth It

Samsung's criticially acclaimed LED-backlit flagship LCD just got an overhaul: The all new Series 9 950 will come in 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, 120Hz motion-blur reduction and a whole bunch of eco-friendly attributes, like paint-free "Touch of Color" and absence of mercury and other toxic chemicals. They will range in… »7/23/08 10:48am7/23/08 10:48am