TiVo De-lists Series3 Boxes From the Online Store

TiVo's removed their Series3 DVR from the main shop, leaving only the TiVo Series2 at $150 and TiVo HD at $300. What's the upshot of this? To us, it seems like they're either phasing out the Series3 entirely in favor of the cheaper-to-produce TiVo HD, or they're liquidating the units for an upcoming Series4 featuring … » 7/30/08 11:59am 7/30/08 11:59am

TiVo 9.4 Summer Update Hitting Boxes This Month

It looks like TiVo's 9.4 Summer Update has been released ahead of schedule and will supposedly be hitting every box by month's end. This update brings six new features, two of which actually seem really useful for most TiVoers. Folders will now have the option to be played or deleted, and the guide can be viewed at… » 7/15/08 4:10pm 7/15/08 4:10pm

TiVo Killing Off Series3 v1 to Focus on TiVo HD?

Rumor has it that TiVo will be accelerating the end of life process on the Series3 recorder to focus all of their energy on the newly released TiVo HD. Makes sense, whether true or not because the HD is nearly as powerful as the Series3 V1, just missing a few ports, that OLED screen and THX certification. At less than… » 1/31/08 6:08pm 1/31/08 6:08pm

Now Playing: TiVo2Go For Series 3 on a Mac for Free

The most recent update to Now Playing widget for OS X gives it the ability to download shows from your TiVo Series 3 and have it automatically decode for playing using TiVoDecode. This looks to be the free alternative to Roxio programs for watching TiVo2Go on your Mac. Although it's missing functionality to burn discs… » 1/02/08 6:08pm 1/02/08 6:08pm

TiVo Now With 2 Terabytes of Storage (Unofficially)

TiVo chop shop WeaKnees is offering the biggest Series 3 TiVo they can muster. Cramming in a 1TB drive internally along with an external 1TB eSATA, they're offering ready-to-run TiVos with a whopping 2TB of storage space, or enough for 292 hours of HD programming. But when you have enough storage for well over 100 HD… » 12/09/07 6:00pm 12/09/07 6:00pm

TiVo Confirms TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing Will Hit Series3 and TiVo…

The rumors we posted are true: TiVo is finally getting its balls back. TiVo has confirmed with Gizmodo that TiVoToGo and multi-room viewing have returned to the new Series3 boxes—including the TiVo HD—and will be available in November. We are told that the hold up was DRM—getting the rights stuff figured out with… » 9/07/07 12:07pm 9/07/07 12:07pm