The Last Vending Machine You'll Ever Need

Quite possibly mankind's greatest achievement since the advent of the Automat, this vending machine carries everything the DIYer could dream of. It's located in the Metrix Create:Space, a hacker hangout in the Seattle area, and sells everything from Nutterbutters to Arduino kits. Need a servo or DC motor for your… » 5/06/11 6:40pm 5/06/11 6:40pm

Anti-Social College Kids Build Autonomous Foosball Table

Click to viewFour engineering students from Georgia Tech have built an Autonomous Foosball Table, quite possibly the key to my never-ending quest to replace the humans in my life with robots. The funny thing is, this thing isn't just a gimmick; it may soon become a decent foosball opponent. The table system cost about… » 12/13/07 8:10pm 12/13/07 8:10pm